Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Product Review: On-Target Ice

I was contacted by On-Target Ice to review their natural headache remedy product that works via cold and massage. As you see from the picture below, the device is comprised of a copper tube topped with a chrome steel ball. It measures about 4.25 inches and is filled with a non-toxic gel. Mine came with an insulating holder (similar to pool noodles) that keeps your hands from getting cold and also helps the device retain the cold longer. It also comes with a storage pouch, and the device can be stored in the fridge or freezer. The shape allows you to massage pressure points.

On-Target Ice device
Photo provided by On-Target Ice

Before I start my review, let me go ahead and get this out of the way, because I know what some of you are thinking. No, it's not one of those. When it arrived in the mail, my husband gave it one look and said, "Does it vibrate?" Ha. Ha. Ha. I will say that due to its appearance, I keep it hidden in my refrigerator drawer. I wouldn't use it out in public because it might get some second glances, but then again I don't carry around a refrigerator or freezer and the device doesn't stay cold long enough to use it once I leave the house.

Now that I got that out of the way... I've been using my On-Target Ice for more than a month because I wanted to test it out on headaches and migraines of all levels. I can say without a doubt that it helps my minor headaches. It is so cold coming out of the fridge that it shocks my skin, which distracts me from the headache. I usually hold it to one eye socket until I can't stand the cold anymore, and then I switch to the other. After a few minutes as it starts to warm and/or my skin adjusts, I use it in other places, like my forehead, temples and neck. Sometimes I'll use it to massage my temples. The flat copper end works great on the top of my forehead, while the rounded end fits perfectly in my eye sockets, as seen in this photo (that's not me by the way):

Photo provided by On-Target Ice

I'm impressed with how long the device stays cold. I haven't timed it, but I'd say it lasts a good 30-45 minutes, maybe longer. Sometimes I use it on its own, and my headache goes away. Other times I need to add an ice pack on the top of my head and they both work.

For more severe headaches and migraines, this device doesn't do the trick. It helps, but once it starts to get warm, the pain goes back to its original level. From my experience, major head pain calls for major drugs, and ice packs and other natural remedies aren't enough, as much as I hate to say that because I hate relying on drugs.

Other random observations:
  • It doesn't sweat like some ice packs do, so water doesn't end up dripping down my head. 
  • I tried putting it in the freezer one time, but it came out ridiculously cold. Trust me, the fridge keeps it plenty cold. 
  • I wear a lot of makeup thanks to my acne (due to my cyst and crazy hormones) and I have oily skin, but the device hasn't discolored and hasn't shown any wear at all.
  • It would be awesome - but probably physically impossible due to varying head shapes - to have a version of this that covers your entire head, like a cap!
At the cost of $24.99, this isn't a bad deal. It seems like it will last forever - unlike most ice packs. If ice typically helps soothe your headaches/migraines, this is worth a try!

Disclosure: On-Target Ice provided me a free product in exchange for me writing this review, but both parties agreed that the review would be unbiased. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Yours Truly on CBS New York

I'm on a news story about medication-induced nightmares on CBS New York! Here's a link to the video.

My puppy Ellie is famous now. :)

P.S. - Here's an earlier post about the filming of this video.