Sunday, July 20, 2014

I'm in a magazine!

I did public relations in my past life (it was my first career), but I promise I don't go out promoting myself and my blog. (Why would I? I rarely write posts these days!) But recently I received an interview request through my blog from a writer (and senior medical correspondent) who was doing an article for Living Without's Gluten Free & More magazine on gluten and migraine. She read about me going gluten free briefly (here are the posts if you're interested) and wanted to include my lack of success in her article. I was definitely on board because I can't stand when articles about migraine only include success stories (I don't think I need to explain why...that would be preaching to the choir).

The interview lasted a while and it was a great conversation. Even though going gluten free didn't help me, it does help some people so I was glad the magazine was doing this article while also showing both sides.

The writer sent me a copy of the issue:

Just noticed that my thumb is an extension of the popsicle stick
Here's the article, but unfortunately you won't be able to read the full thing without a subscription. I was in two paragraphs that basically mentioned how I tried the gluten-free diet for my migraines but it didn't help. The article had a call-out box titled "Is It Migraine?" and a sidebar with migraine and celiac disease resources.

If you're reading this and haven't been tested for celiac disease or tried going gluten free, it certainly wouldn't hurt to try!