Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm FINALLY able to cross something off my list that has been on it a few months now:

We have wall art! :) I used an idea I found online, chose my own colors, and then my dear husband designed it in CAD so I could trace the lines and paint it. Painting is therapeutic for me; I love it! Yay for art!!!


Andy said...

Like the art work. I have an architecture degree, but somehow, never get the time/chance to use it. Maybe I'm just lazy. Maybe not, I do take care in designing web sites for me and family/friends.

You need to keep on painting. Nice job

~ Andy

steph said...

Very nice!

Heather said...

Andy - Thank you! From your blog I would guess you're not lazy; it's the migraines that are keeping you from your work. It's great that you're able to design websites! I'm trying to learn how to do can be pretty tricky.

Thanks Steph!

Sue said...

Wow - how beautiful!