Sunday, June 19, 2011

News: Migraine Genes Discovered

My pastor sent me the link to a newswire article, "Scientists find genes linked to migraines." An international study was published in a British publication, Nature Genetics. As the article states, "The influence of these genes is probably not large enough to be immediately used as a diagnostic tool. But the result is an advancement of the understanding of migraine biology."

"Advancement" and "migraine" in the same sentence? Works for me! I hope something will come of this study.

Speaking of my pastor, I've requested a fragrance-free policy, or at least a fragrance-free zone, for my church. She's completely on board and ran it by the senior pastor and church council. I've been having bad migraines after church, and although it could be the lighting, I'm almost certain it's the perfume that some people seem to bathe in. I did some research and turns out a lot of churches are adopting similar policies, so I sent the pastor some examples of ways we can implement it in our church. I'll keep you posted on how things go!


MigrainePuppet said...

Great job with working with your pastor and possibly getting the fragrance-free zone. It makes a huge difference when you don't have to battle your triggers while at church. I hope everythng goes through for you. I can't wait to hear that it's been finalized and the details around the policy!

Brad said...

There should be a fragrance free zone around me at all times. People don't know how to wear cologne/perfume anymore.

Sue said...

Our church has a no-scent policy as well. We have several people who attend regularly who have environmental sensitivities, but we also never know when a visitor might be affected by scent, so it's best to play it safe and go with no-scent.

We bought big signs for all of the doors and bulletin boards. They have various symbols (perfume bottle, deodorant, flowers, etc) in a circle with a line through it.

Heather said...

MigrainePuppet - I'll do a blog post once the fragrance-free zone is ready!

Brad - I couldn't agree more.

Sue - You're lucky; I'd love to have my church do a no-scent policy, but I think it's a big step considering how many people wear scents. Maybe eventually if the "zone" is well received, they'll agree to do 100% scent-free. I bet those signs are awesome...I want to wear one haha.

Reno Chiropractor said...

I have been reading some of your previous posts about your chiropractic and neuro experiences and thought I would throw out a suggestion. I am a Chiropractor in Reno, NV and I realize that you have seen a chiropractor for treatments in the past, but I did want to mention that we are not all the same.
Different techniques (ways of adjusting) can effect patients very differently, so just because the last guy didn't help your headaches much, doesn't mean all chiropractic care won't help you.
My ex used to get 6 migraines a month (to the point of vommiting everytime and sick leave from work). She tried every prescription she could find before meeting me and nothing helped. I started adjusting her and got her on a regimen of feverfew, riboflavin (B2), and magnesium and within a month we had her consistently lowered to 1-1.5 migraines a month for over a year (not sure how she is doing now).
That's my $.02 hope some of this helps.
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