Friday, November 23, 2012

Shop Online and Give to National Headache Foundation

I blogged about iGive back in 2009 - check out the post here if you're curious. Since then, I've raised about $5 for the National Headache Foundation by doing my online shopping through them. I just log in and then go to the online store (usually through iGive's website, and it automatically gives a percentage of my purchase to the NHF. The retail stores pay for the donation, so there's no extra cost to me.

The problem is, I almost always forget to use iGive when I shop online. Luckily, I no longer need to log in because iGive has created a browser button that lets participating stores know that I use iGive and that I want the donation to go to the NHF. Below is a screen shot of my button (in Firefox). Update - I've noticed when I go on sites that are in iGive's system, the top of the page automatically lets me know that a certain percentage will go to the NHF or it will ask me to click an icon to activate the giving. This is even better because I don't have to remember to use iGive! Sweet! Having it up there should make it easier for me to remember to use it when I shop online. I can program the stores I want ( is already up there but that might just be for mine) and when I click on the button, I choose the store from the drop-down menu and it goes directly to the store's website.

If you want to give the button (they're also calling it a browser "app") a try, iGive is donating $5 to the NHF for each person who signs up and downloads the button by Cyber Monday. Just follow this link:

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Random, but have any of you seen the TV commercial for It's a website by Allergan that has migraine resources. What's cool is their tagline is "Don't live a Maybe life." Isn't that the best tagline for migraines? It's exactly how I feel, never sure if I actually will be able to make plans or attend events or even step outside because there's always the chance of a migraine that will keep me in bed. I know you all can relate.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)