Friday, July 26, 2013

She's Here! Meet Hollis Kate

At the hospital

Yes, I already did a photo shoot with Hollis

War on Headaches readers, I'd like you to meet my sweet baby girl, Hollis Kate. She was born July 10, a week and three days past the due date. At birth she weighed 7 lb. 7 oz. and was 20 inches long. The name Hollis means "near the holly bushes" and we named her after my sister, Holly. Last year my sister had a daughter and named her Hadley, which means "heather field." The cousins are 14 months apart, same as me and my sister. As for Kate, it's really the only girl name my husband and I could agree on (aside from Hollis of course, but that name had to grow on us).

My next post will be all about the birth. It still hurts to sit down for very long so I've been avoiding the computer, but I'll get started on the post asap and I won't hold anything back, as is always the case on this blog. Let's just say I thought that after dealing with migraines, labor would be a breeze. Uh, not the case. At all.

I'll post more baby pictures too. I used ideas from Pinterest and probably tortured the poor baby during our photo shoot, but she was a trooper. She's such a well behaved baby; I'm very blessed! :)