Monday, October 14, 2013

Back to the Neuro

After an almost three-year break, I decided it was time to see my neurologist. The one I'm seeing is tied to a hospital, so insurance is billed twice (or something like that) which is one of the reasons I stopped going - I was having to pay a lot out of pocket. I hope things have changed, but it's doubtful. Plus I feel like we tried everything I could afford so there wasn't much else to do. But my migraines are becoming more and more frequent and I'm still having the nearly daily headaches, so I had to do something.

The time with my neurologist (whom I LOVE) was pretty uneventful. Since I'm still breastfeeding and plan on doing so at least a year, there's not much I can try. Biofeedback was at the top of my list and my neuro agreed that it could help, at least with the regular headaches. I was all pumped up until I walked down the hall to talk with the administrative specialist who informed me that biofeedback there is considered out of network for my insurance. Lovely. They do have payment plans if I wanted to pay for it myself, but it would be more than $1,000. The next step is for me to call my insurance and see if they can recommend someone in network to do biofeedback, and even then I still need to see how much it will cost.

But back to the neurology appointment. When I arrived, the check-in person told me that my neurologist had a 1.5 hour wait. Ouch! I'd been lucky enough to never have to wait more than 20 minutes or so (that I recall) at the neurologist. I had little Hollis with me, but luckily I had just fed her before the appointment. Here's a picture of her in the patient room - she slept the whole time! Well except for her waking up briefly when the nurse took me back, and she smiled at everyone (babies attract immediate crowds). She's such a good baby!

Hollis rockin' the chevron blankie
Turns out, two of my neuro's patients had to go to ER that day. One of them was in the room across from me waiting for a ride to the hospital (she didn't want to take the ambulance which is understandable when you have a migraine). At one point the neuro had to guide her to the bathroom because she had a hoodie over her head and coudn't take the lights. She threw up at least twice while she was there. My heart was breaking for the poor girl. :( 

After the appointment it was time to feed Hollis again, so I had been there about three hours (I got there 20 minutes before my appointment time). I fed Hollis in the parking lot (fun) and then ate lunch 3:00. But I was just happy to be back at the neurologist so I could try something - anything!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I seriously hate perfume.

The book review I was going to write is on hold, and my neurology appointment isn't until next week, so I don't have much to write about at the moment. So please let me take this opportunity to vent, if you don't mind.

I HATE Perfume

And all lab-created scents, really...but especially perfume. I admit, before my headaches got out of control, I actually wore perfume for special occasions (prom for example...yes it was that long ago). And some perfumes and colognes don't bother me much. But others literally drive me crazy. They make my nose itch, my brain cloudy, and every time I inhale it feels like I'm getting stabbed in the eye or hit in the forehead or back of my head. Usually it's a minor stabbing feeling, but after too long it gets worse and develops into a bad headache or migraine.

My hatred of perfume has grown lately because I have a baby, and women like to hold babies. Don't worry - I only let people I know hold Hollis - but some of them wear perfume, and then she ends up smelling like perfume, and then it rubs off on me, which requires outfit changes for both of us and a bath for her. Also, I have a friend who wears a certain type of perfume (not sure which brand) that REALLY gets to my head, so bad that I actually dread getting together with her because I know how badly it will affect my head.

I don't feel right telling people what do to, like not to wear perfume or not to hold my baby if they're wearing perfume, so all I can do is vent. Thanks for allowing me to do so. :)