Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rollercoaster vs. Headache

(2007 Cedar Fair Entertainment Company)

Rollercoaster won! I hadn't been on rollercoasters since college when I went to Kings Dominion in Virginia and rode every single one. When I was little, I was deathly afraid of them, but my courage came from peer pressure on the college trip. I tried the scariest one first (one where you're strapped in standing up) and it was AWESOME.

Well last week, my husband and I took a day off work to go again, this time with my cousin who is in 7th grade, her parents - who don't ride coasters and wanted us to go to ride with her, and another cousin who is my husband's age. Because my neck was still sore from the chiropractor visits, I was terrified the coasters would kill my neck. Plus, during the college trip, I had a minute-long mini-migraine after each ride.

Fortunately, I was able to ride four rollercoasters, including my favorite the Anaconda (above), without too much pain. I stopped when my neck started bothering me and took some Aleve because I started getting a "glare headache" when the sun came out.

But I survived, and it was a blast!