Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Migraine Diet - NY Times Blog Post & Comments

I don't think I've heard of Judith Warner, but she appears to have a blog on the New York Times Web site called "Domestic Disturbances." In a post October 25 called The Migraine Diet she talks about her struggle with migraines. It's an interesting post, but what really peaked my interest was the comments section. I started reading people's comments and realized that the blog had a total of 572 comments, and the only reason there aren't more is they had to no longer accept comments, probably because there were so many. I haven't read them all, but when I have time, I will. Here are some samples:

I’m a huge fan of your column and also a cronic migraine sufferer. I encourage you to try Topamax. Years ago my worst migraines were put under total control by “calcium channel blockers” (Cardizem). I was migraine free and drug free for about 13 years. But migraines tend to come back and mine did. This time, calcium channel blockers didn’t do the trick but Topamax did. You start on a higher dosis and then you slowly reduce. I was scared when I heard the word “antiseizure” medication. I thought to myself, “I don’t have epilepsy…” But it’s been just a miraculous drug. Good luck. Only someone who’s felt the loss of control that suffering from migraines represents can truly understand you. Be healthy!
— Posted by Nancy Lisker

Wow, you just wrote the story of my own migraine-afflicted life. We migraineurs are the only ones who believe it’s really like that, which skepticism can be added to the list of burdens. But what I’m actually writing to tell you is this: Don’t go near the topomax! You could easily end up twitchy-faced, crawly-skinned, blurry-visioned, and dull-witted — and not necessarily migraine free. For that kind of outcome, I’d opt for the Peanut M&Ms every time. Happy Halloween!
— Posted by Janie Stoehr

(Note from Header - It's sadly kinda funny how different people are in their reactions to medications. FYI - I've tried Topomax...didn't work.)

My condolences. Good luck. My sister had migraines starting in college. Infrequent, then frequent, then crippling. After a million doctors who helped almost not at all, one finally gave her a list of things to try not eating. Turns out wheat was one of her major triggers. Ordinary, ubiquitous wheat. No wheat, no migraines. Instant cure for her. A few years later I started having my own odd sensitivities, and again wheat was a culprit, along with soybeans for me.
So on the one hand, after Halloween, you might try un-exploring a wider range of foods, perhaps including (excluding?) wheat. On the other hand, you might look around your family tree to see if there are any interesting food or other sensitivities, and try experimenting with avoiding those things.
Condolences also for having such a snarky neurologist. Some try to help their patients in every way possible; some prefer to paint themselves into narrow little mindsets.
— Posted by Ken_K

(Note from Header - I've seen four different neurologists...keep searching until you find a good one who doesn't just shove drugs down your throat. It's fine to try different medications, but make sure the neuro cares about you, warns you of possible side effects and frequently schedules checkups to make sure your body is functioning!)

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