Tuesday, April 15, 2008


(From Sinolusa.com)

I finally found Sinol, with the help of a Sinol rep. He said that CVS does in fact carry Sinol, but it is not in the nasal spray section; it is in the headache/pain med section on the bottom shelf. With a $3 off ExtraCare Card coupon, I ended up paying about $12. I tried it about 3-4 times yesterday, and boy did it sting! It was not bad though, mainly like the sensation you get when you need to sneeze. It didn't help my headache, but the directions say to use it when your headache starts and unfortunately mine started at work before I had the chance to purchase the Sinol. My neuro said I may need to use it regularly before I see results, so I'm keeping this stuff with me at all times!

My husband thought I was dumb for trying something just because someone mentioned it on my blog, but I reminded him that I spoke with my neurologist first, and I told him that it's natural and made from peppers, and he said "oh" and gave me that "fine you're right" look. Haha.