Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Healing Service

I attended a "healing service" at my church (Methodist) Sunday evening. I was really looking forward to it and didn't know what to expect. It was definitely a positive experience. The sermon was on medical miracles Jesus performed (stopping a woman's bleeding for example). Then we had communion, and then anyone who wanted to could go to one of four people at the front of the church to get annointed with oil.

For me, all my emotions from struggling with headaches overwhelmed me, and I cried the whole time. It was embarrassing because I don't like crying in public, but many other people were crying as well. The service was inspiring, and yet I found it hard not to doubt God. I know that God still performs miracles, but could I really have headaches for eight or so years and then they just stop? The preacher made certain to mention that a change would happen in God's time, which I am willing to accept.

I've had a bad headache already since the service, but I'm not blaming God. Some things happen on Earth that we'll never be able to understand (some so bad that I am at times thankful that I "just" have headaches). At least I know that miracles are possible. And for now, my preachers are praying for me. Bring on the healing!