Thursday, October 23, 2008


I had an appointment with my neurologist yesterday. He put me on Abilify, a drug for bipolar disorder. He said it's also used at a smaller dose for headaches, and it helps with stress and muscle tension but doesn't make you drowsy.

See how tiny it is? I put it by a penny. I just remembered my computer has a camera on it, so I can take pictures for this blog! I don't have a digital camera...weird, I know. Sorry it's a little blurry.

I started taking it this morning and didn't have any noticeable side effects. It must be strong though because my neuro is having me take 1 mg (the pill is 2 mg, so I have to split it) every 3rd morning for 3 doses, 1 mg every 2nd morning for 3 doses, and then 1 mg every morning. VERY gradual!

Also, I asked my neuro about Migraten and feverfew. He explained that he doesn't think they would help with my headaches which are more tension than migraine. I had TWENTY headaches last month (part of it was from the Naproxen rebound headaches), and he said that with the frequency and type of headache I have, it wouldn't be enough to help. That makes sense. I can still try it though - he said it won't interfere with my other medications (I'm still on 5 mg of Bystolic also). I looked at the Vitamin Shoppe and Whole Foods, and both had migraine pills with feverfew, magnesium, riboflavin, etc. but no Migraten. They're all pretty expensive in my opinion (about $30 for 60 pills), but I may try them at some point.