Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Natural Products

A few posts ago I talked about eating more natural foods, and I mentioned that I'm switching to more natural products as well. I searched the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database and bought the safest products I could find at Whole Foods and CVS. Because these products are free of fragrances and other "toxins" that alter the body's hormones and do other bad things, I thought that my headaches might improve. Here are my thoughts.

Negatives first:
-my headaches have not improved
-the soap is made of olive oil and is very hard to clean off my shower door
-I'm not 100% sure that fluoride-free toothpaste prevents cavities, but I'm going to ask my dentist when I see him next. For now, I use toothpaste with fluoride about once a week to be safe. ***UPDATE! I called my dentist and he does NOT recommend fluoride-free toothpaste, since that's what prevents cavities. Bummer. I guess you just spit toothpaste out anyway (of course I'm sure some is absorbed).***
-all these products are expensive, even with coupons
-the shampoo and conditioner stink
-the deodorant, which is pretty much salt water, doesn't work well but I do sweat a lot for a girl

-I feel better about the products I use, and by that I mean I feel like these products are healthy for my body
-I have a goat milk soap that I'm going to try next - maybe that will work better than the oil-based one
-the shaving cream, which looks like toothpaste, doesn't lather much, but it still provides excellent coverage without having to use a lot, and I haven't cut myself shaving at all

I use mineral makeup and was hoping to convert all my makeup to the best brands on the database, but what I found was extremely expensive, so I'm sticking to what I have for now. I do use Alba lip gloss, which has 82% certified organic ingredients (what's the remaining 18%? Who knows). Also, I use a regular unscented lotion. I might buy a natural one from the database eventually.

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