Thursday, March 19, 2009

Headache Questions for the Today Show

My co-worker just told me about a Tweet she received from the Today Show (@todayshow if you're on Twitter) guiding headache sufferers to this Web site:

Do you suffer from headaches? E-mail us

Description: Are your days consumed with pounding headaches? Do you have questions on treatment or how to prevent them? If so, then e-mail us and Dr. Nancy Snyderman may answer them live on the TODAY show.

Wow, I have so many questions to ask. But I narrowed it down to one, which I've included below. Feel free to ask your own. And let me know if you find out when the segment airs!

My question:

I have been diagnosed with chronic daily headache and chronic migraine and am on my fifth neurologist. I'm convinced the headaches are hormonal related, and yet my neuros keep putting me on hormonal birth control (pills, patch, IUD, and now the Nuva Ring) with no break for periods to level my hormones. This always makes my headaches worse. If they are hormone related, what's another option to treat my headaches?

I'd love to know when this segment will air. Thanks!