Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thank you, United Healthcare

This post is in reference to THIS post, where I explained that my health insurance, United Healthcare, decided not to cover my echocardiogram (to see if my heart had an abnormalty that was giving me headaches), after they had initially said they would cover it.

My awesome neurologist, Dr. Matthews at the NC Comprehensive Headache Clinic, who I'm not seeing right now because I'm seeing a new neuro at UNC Healthcare, submitted an appeal for me with all of my health records. In addition, I submitted my own appeal to United Healthcare.

Today I received a letter from United Healthcare saying that after reviewing the appeal, they decided they WILL cover the echocardiogram. WOOT!

I just wanted to say thank you, United Healthcare. You guys have been covering a lot of my bills lately, from my sleep study, prescriptions, etc. and I'm blessed to have health insurance so that I can continue to fight my headaches.

Also, I wanted to let patients reading this know that if this happens to you, SUBMIT AN APPEAL. Submit three if you have to. It's worth the try!!!