Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pharmacy Survey

Just added a survey to the left - please vote!

I just got $5 extra bucks from CVS, but it's because I spent a fortune on prescriptions recently. I've heard Walmart's prescriptions are cheap, but the Walmart near my house is awful and I'd get a migraine just from visiting it, so it's worth the money to avoid it. But are some pharmacies cheaper than others? Do some have shorter waits than others (this probably depends on the location). I've been going to CVS since they were Revco (no I did not remember the name, I had to ask my husband - my memory is not that good!), and while I have few complaints, I'm curious to see what pharmacies you guys like.

Btw, I visited my neuro earlier this week; I'll write a blog post soon on how that went.

Have a terrific and headache/migraine-free week!