Tuesday, May 26, 2009

News Item on Levadex

I don't think I've written about drugs in clinical trials, but I received an e-mail from the National Headache Foundation announcing that Levadex had successful Phase 3 trials (see this NY Times article), and this sounded different and intrigued me. In fact, I actually listened to a recording of the Webcast.

Levadex is a non-triptan abortive treatment for migraines. It's a new inhaled version of dihydroergotamine (DHE), which apparently is administered as an injection at the ER and can be taken as a prescription nasal spray called Migranal. Oddly, I'd never heard of Migranal. Has anyone tried it?

MAP Pharmaceuticals still needs to do another long-term follow-up study and other trials that will take about a year, but it sounds promising!