Monday, June 1, 2009

What's the best pharmacy poll results, and anniversary wishes...

CVS and Wal-Mart tied in my best pharmacy poll...but only 15 people voted, so I'm going to say the results were inconclusive. I think it's a tough call - all pharmacies have positive and negative qualities, and it depends on factors like where you live; for example, the CVS where I used to live sucked because it was the only pharmacy in the area and the lines were always long. The one I go to now though hardly ever has a line (which is odd because it's right beside a hospital). I like the bucks I "earn" to spend at CVS (on nonprescription items, of course), but I sometimes wonder if Wally World would be cheaper, or a grocery store pharmacy more convenient.

Speaking of pharmacies, ever wonder if the pharmacy tech at the window thinks you've got issues? I mean, I've tried a LOT of medications, and meds for migraines can be meds that treat high blood pressure, seizures, depression, bed-wetting and schizophrenia. No offense to anyone who has these issues, but sometimes I wonder what they think of me. A college friend of my husband's is a pharmacist and his fiancee is a patient - it's how they met. They joke that he decided to marry her, even after knowing what she was taking.

Glad my husband decided to marry me, and stay married to me, knowing about my migraine/headache issues. And knowing that those issues bring about a whole other set of issues. Happy five years, honey! (May 29, 2009)