Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book Review & Giveaway: Chocolate & Vicodin

When author Jennette Fulda asked me to review her latest book, Chocolate & Vicodin, I was intrigued by the title and happy to give it a read. The book arrived in the mail, and I immediately fell in love with the cover. How creative is this?!

Reading the book was like reading my own thoughts. Jennette developed a headache February 17, 2008 and has had it ever since. Chocolate & Vicodin documents her journey which is probably similar to the journeys of everyone who has chronic headaches and migraines: lots of doctors, testing, research, treatments - make that "treatments" with emphasized air quotes, depression and acceptance (I'm still working on that last one). Jennette's honesty and use of humor makes this book hard to put down and, dare I say, enjoyable. I actually found myself smiling while reading a book about a constant headache!

Jennette puts into words what I often have trouble expressing or even acknowledging. For example:
"I sat on the couch, acutely aware of how odd my life had become. The headache had invaded every aspect of my life. ... It was amazing how one simple thing, a headache, could cause a chain reaction in my life. ... It was as if someone had set off a long chain of dominoes, one failed treatment toppling over to bump into the next failed treatment. Was this the last domino in my chain? Or were we just getting started?"
I'm lucky enough to live near Jennette, so we met at a coffee shop for an interview, which she graciously volunteered to record on her digital recorder. To listen to our full interview, please click the play button below.

Jennette Fulda

This contest is now closed, but you're more than welcome to keep sharing your stories. Thanks for participating! Now for the GIVEAWAY. I have one copy of Chocolate & Vicodin to give to a lucky reader. All you have to do is comment to this post, and to make it fun, also write the strangest headache/migraine treatment you've ever tried and/or the craziest advice you've received from someone else pertaining to your headaches/migraines. (Side note: Jennette starts almost every chapter with "advice" she's received and some of it is the wackiest stuff I've ever heard! It's pretty entertaining to read.) I'll pick a winner at random on March 9 and will announce it that day on this blog. To get things started, I'll share mine:

-Strangest treatment: cupping
-Craziest advice: have more sex (yes, this was from a guy, and sadly, he was serious)

Disclosure: Jennette's publishers provided me with a free copy of this book to review.


Parin Stormlaughter said...

I've seen other reviews of Chocolate and Vicodin that also were positive. Intriguing!

Craziest advice? Oh man...when I was tiny, my mother was advised by my father's mother to give me Milk of Magnesia when my head hurt. She opted for Ex-Lax. Didn't help. My father prevailed upon her to give the Milk of Magnesia a try. That didn't help either. :p

Jessica said...

Well, you know I've read the while I'd love to win a giveaway...I don't need this one. However...I definately love to share my experiences.

Strangest treatment I've done so far would probably be a series of colonics. However, I have bought some strange contraptions for my home as well such as an inversion table and cervical traction device.

I have recieved lots of different advice over the that I have yet to try...but actually "BodyTalk." BodyTalk is a form of therapy that allows the body's energy systems to be re-synchronized. Kind of up there with getting my chakras balanced...which I did...and did not work!

Donna said...

I liked Jennette's first book a lot. This barely qualifies as weird, but my favorite migraine treatment is a cheeseburger - somehow the protein and fat makes it all better!

Erica said...

Well I too suffer from constant headaches. Strangest treatment ... hopping in a hot tub [naked] in broad daylight, floating on my back with all jets turned off and ear plugs in. Must have looked lovely I'm sure. You know what -- once I drank two coffees and took an Excedrin, it worked!

Anna said...

Very excited to read this book as I have been struggling with chronic daily headaches for 6 years and recently had nerve decompression surgery that cured my posterior headache! I still struggle with frontal pain though... baby steps, i guess.
As for the strangest "cure" I have been offered one herbalist encouraged me to drink my own urine- a treatment I have yet to try.

Wendy Burnett said...

My migraines were diagnosed way back in the 80's, and the craziest advice I got was actually from a doctor who wanted to prescribe a medication (after 30 years, I have no idea what it was) that had as a side effect . . . yep, you guessed it - MIGRAINES. Why on earth would you give me a medication that CAUSES the very problem the medication is supposed to be treating? I don't think he had any idea what he was doing myself. LOL

On the other hand, the best advice I ever got was to avoid cigarettes when I have a migraine. Even second-hand smoke can make the pain worse.

The "weirdest" treatment I've ever tried is actually a combo - taking feverfew daily to reduce the number of migraines, and drinking ginger tea to help ease the pain and nausea when I have one. (That actually works for me, which is good, since I don't have access to prescription meds any more. The tea may not kill the headache, but it does ease the pain so that it's at least bearable most of the time.)

Sue said...

Oh, that book looks wonderful!!!

The strangest treatment I ever tried was oxygen therapy. It was a place in a mall. You could either sit at what looked a bit like a bar, or sit in a massaging chair. They hooked up a tube just like they do in the hospital, then they ask you what "aromatherapy" you want with the O2.

It was very, very, odd.
And it didn't help. Not even a bit.

rhonda said...

I have been wanting to read so thinks for the review.

The strangest thing I did was nutrition therpy at the Ciro but he did the testing by holding glass viles of compounds in one hand and then trying to move my arm with his other hand. Depending on how much resistence he felt (my energy) he knew what my body needed or what toxin needed to be cleaned out. IT DID NOT WORK!

Jamie said...

I've been wanting to read this book. It's so great that you had a chance to do an interview, too, so thanks for posting that.

It's actually kinda funny that you put that the craziest advice you'd ever received was to have more sex. I've heard that, too... and tried it... Gotta catch it before the headache gets very bad, and then it normally only buys me some time before the migraine rears its head again. But, there you go. lol.

wutdafuhk said...

Commenting for book, but not sure what to put. Nerves and or their pathways are being irritatedby something ranging from trauma, compression to an infinite number of reactions for as many outside influences. And you think there's supposed to be one magical solution? There's a treatment for most, ibuprofen,but that's a symptom reliever, and not even that for you. There are many studies going on and I would suggest.becoming a volunteer at the NIH. It will be the only way to help everyone in the future.

Nueroman said...

I used to suffer from headaches so bad but I just had brain surgery cause I had a cyst on my brain so far i've been good come check out my blog its new and im trying to get people to look at it i've got tons of funny life stories and things that happen to me to put on here

Brad said...

Great interview! Can I ask what you used to make the recording?

Heather said...


Jennette used her digital recorder and used a free widget online to put it in a code that I could embed in my blog. I wouldn't have known how to do this so I'm glad she did it for me! :)

Lilly said...

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