Saturday, February 16, 2013

We're having a girl!

We found out that, according to the ultrasound, we're having a girl! My husband seemed happy although we both wanted a boy. I had to fight back tears...I know that sounds awful. I love my baby girl, don't get me wrong, but part of me wants the ultrasound to be wrong. And it's not just because I hate princess stuff and girl drama. I'm terrified that a girl would be more likely to inherit my migraines. Statistically, girls are more likely to have migraines than boys. I have a friend who has migraines and her daughter (in elementary or maybe middle school) is getting them already.

If my daughter does end up having migraines, I hope my experience will help give her the knowledge she needs to fight them, and maybe something that doesn't work for me will work for her. Or maybe by the time she gets them, some new treatment option would have been developed by that time. Or she might not get them at all.

I'm going to try my best not to stress over this because it might not even be an issue, but it's tough!

Medication update: my insurance wouldn't approve Orbivan so I'm taking a generic Fioricet. My OB said that even though it's a Category C med, she would prefer I take it over Vicodin because it makes the migraines go away better than Vicodin does. With Vicodin, the migraine usually starts to come back as it wears off. This happens with Fioricet some too, but sometimes it knocks it out. Migraines have been about the same, but I'm still hoping they improve later on in the pregnancy. Gotta have some hope!