Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cervical Pillow for headaches

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My chiropractor has been letting me try out different pillows for neck pain and headaches. The pricey TempurPedic pillow was way too firm for me, but I think I like the one I'm trying now, called the Tri-Core Cervical Pillow. To see their Web site, click on the title to this post (I haven't figured out how to add links in the message yet, sorry!). I may end up buying one.

Unfortunately, my headaches have not changed since seeing a chiropractor (it's been a few weeks - 11 sessions). I actually had a migraine last night and this morning, but the Butalbital got rid of it (80% of it anyway). I'm so scared that I'm going to get bad migraines again like I did when I was on the birth control pill because I have had the IUD for about a year now and my headaches are getting worse. I did go to bed late (by late I mean 1 a.m.) all weekend though, so maybe it's the altered sleep schedule.

I have a neurology appointment Wednesday. Am I the only person who actually looks forward to these monthly appointments? I'm ready to try something else. If insurance covered acupuncture, that would be awesome...I've heard a lot of hype lately about it helping headaches.

More updates after my appointment.