Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two words: dra - ma

It all started on Tuesday. My husband commented that our credit card bill was too high this month and told me I spend too much money. I dared him to actually total how much I spent on ME (not groceries, gas, etc.) and he came to $300...about $250 of that was medical bills/copays/prescriptions. I don't think he should have counted medical things because it's not like I WANT to spent that much on doctors instead of clothes or something fun! Ugh.

So then on Wednesday, I had my chiropractic appointment. It was my 14th visit and I had been going for about a month, so they did a re-exam and I filled out more paperwork. When I met with my chiropractor, he told me that it looked like there was nothing he could do because my type of headaches don't seem to respond to chiropractic care. I actually started crying - how embarrassing. I guess I had felt like it was something new and since they did find a problem with my neck in the x-ray, maybe it would work. But no. I'm still going to go for "adjustments" once a month and I might still get the neck pillow just to keep my neck loose and in the right position.

Then on Wednesday afternoon, I had my neurology appointment. I told my neurologist (who recommended the chiropractor) that it didn't help, and again, I started crying. He gave me samples of Lexapro, which is an anxiety/depression medicine, and said to keep taking it with the Desipramine, also for depression. He said my headaches seem to have characteristics of tension headaches, and Lexapro should help within a few weeks. I took it last night; no headache today (yet), but I think it's because I just started to get out of a 4-day headache yesterday evening.

My chiropractor recommended taking feverfew, but my neurologist said it would have little impact on my headaches and wouldn't help prevent them. I still need to find time to research feverfew.

I'm on my lunch break at my desk, and all I want to do is sleep!