Thursday, October 18, 2007

Headaches Not Over Yet

It seems the serotonin-increasing Lexapro may not be helping after all. Since my last post, I've had 4 headache days - 3 were in a row. This is probably getting too personal, but my Mirena IUD has been acting up because I've been spotting for a month now. I'm actually surprised my headaches aren't much worse. I have killer cramps right now (but I'm not taking meds for them because if I take Aleve too much, it won't help me when I have headaches and I'll have to go with my stronger prescription of Butalbital).

I'm supposed to see my gyno next month, which would make it a year since the IUD was inserted. I do NOT want it out because I don't want kids right now, and I had to pay for it in full which was more than $1000 (if I didn't mention this before, the insurance I was on at the time did not cover IUDs, a form of birth control, but they covered "pregnancy terminations" - that was the most pissed off I'd been in my life when I found that out, and not because of the money), and they last 5 years. I'm planning on keeping it at least 4...but I've got to do something about the spotting. Ugh.

Meanwhile, the Tri-Core pillow seems to be working. It took a while adjusting to it, and I actually lost a lot of sleep from it, but I'm finally used to it and haven't been having neck pain.

On a non-headache note, I had a work "meeting" today and I was told to wear short sleeves. Turns out we had an office pumpkin-carving party. It was awesome! I saved the seeds to bake - yummy. I'll try to post pictures here later.

Hope everyone has a headache-free Friday and weekend!