Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Good news and bad news.

Bad: I went to my chiropractor this morning, and since I'm doing it once a month now and it's considered "maintenance"/"preventative" care, my insurance is no longer covering it, so it's $40 each time. I might stop going, but I think I'll give it one more try.

Good: While I was getting my neck popped, I told my chiro my headaches were getting better due to a new medication. He asked if it was a serotonin med, and I said I wasn't sure but that it is called Lexapro and is commonly used for depression. Then he said that meds for depression usually work by increasing your serotonin levels. I looked on Lexapro's Web site on my lunch break, and sure enough, that's how it works.

What's neat about that? Last week I posted on's headache forum on headaches and hormones, and the response I got was from someone who said I should get my serotonin levels checked.

More good news: I bought the Tri Core Pillow at the chiropractic office this morning. I'm hoping it will correct my neck's reverse curve and improve my headaches even more.