Thursday, October 4, 2007

Positive Neurology Appointment

Yesterday I had a pretty nice neurology appointment. I showed my neurologist my headache calendar for the past month, and although I had 12 headaches, many of those being close together (which makes it even harder), the past week I've been almost headache-free. My neurologist said that my headaches started getting better right when the Lexapro kicked in. I'm now taking 10 mg of Lexapro a day, and I'm also still on 30 mg of Desipramine.

Two other possible reasons for the improvement of my headaches:

1. I have been pretty good about keeping a regular eat/sleep schedule, but I haven't been perfect at it, so I can't really say if it's made a difference or if it's the Lexapro.

2. I'm participating in a Bible study on prayer, and last week we had to come up with a "breath prayer," something you can remember and say over and over. Mine was "Great Physician, heal my headaches."

I'm scared to say I'm getting better because I still have had two slight headaches recently, and I don't want to speak too soon, but I'm absolutely going to keep doing these three things - Lexapro, maintain a schedule, pray my breath prayer - and maybe I'll start getting better!

FYI: My side effects from the Desipramine and Lexapro have been dry mouth (which I don't mind too much - I now have an excuse to eat lots of candy and chew gum; plus I drink a lot of water), rapid heart beat (about 105/min) and loss of appetite. The loss of appetite would be wonderful for most people, but I've always been thin and am now down to 106 (I am 5'7")...that's not very healthy. I'm trying to force myself to eat, and my husband's been looking out for me too.

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