Monday, January 21, 2008

My Headache Elimination Plan

Happy MLK Day everyone.

I've been thinking about my headaches and it seems like after keeping a headache diary for about 3 years, I'm not finding any patterns. I've tried tons of medications, have been to at least five neurologists, saw a chiropractor, and had a blood test.

Since my current neurologist seems pretty much stumped, I'm making a plan: my Headache Elimination Plan (HEP). I'm giving it a fancy name and am putting it on my blog in hopes that I'll actually carry out the plan. :)

1. Research everything I haven't tried and take notes to share with my neurologist on my next visit, March 3. I'll share the notes on this blog too.
2. Research food triggers and see if I can get tested to find these. Possibly see a nutritionist (after all, that's how I found out my intolerance to MSG)
3. Be diligent in eating, sleeping and exercising on a regular schedule.

If you want to add to my HEP, please do so!