Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Neurologist visit

Yesterday I had a neurologist appointment. He apologized for not being able to help me yet. The last few visits he's seemed to be at a loss for what to recommend next; it's as though most of his patients try something and it works and they move on. With all the blogs out there similar to mine, I assumed that rarely happens. It's discouraging, but I guess it also means I still have hope.

His plan of action for this month is to lower the Lexapro (the expensive stuff) to 1 pill a day and increase the Desipramine from 30 mg/day to 100 mg/day. Since I've been having more headaches (tension) than migraines, he thinks that will help.

I asked him about having my gyno check my hormone levels and he didn't think it would show anything. I'll see what she says though on Thursday. My neuro told me to ask my gyno if I'm spotting from an irregular cycle or if it's from irritation from the Mirena IUD. He says I'll keep having headaches until I stop the spotting. I'd love to get rid of the IUD and get back on the Pill, because I'm having headaches either way, but I seemed to have more migraines on the Pill so I'm reluctant, and plus, as I've mentioned before, I had to pay $1000 for the IUD and it lasts five years. I'm only on year two.

More updates after my gyno appt. Thursday.