Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New medication - Bystolic (Nebivolol)

Yesterday at my monthly neurology appointment, I asked my neurologist about seeing a nutritionist, and he said he didn't think I would find anything, but I could try it. I decided to save money and instead start writing down what I eat on my headache calendar for days I have headaches. I also asked about Zonisamide, which works for one of my sister's friends. He said he was considering that one, but first he wanted me to try a new medication, similar to Toprol but it shouldn't lower my heart rate down to the 40s (per min.) like Toprol did.

The new drug is called Bystolic, or Nebivolol. WebMD's description is here and Drugs.com's is here.

What's scary is it was approved last December...it's only March. It is so new that my pharmacist couldn't read my doctor's writing because they weren't familiar with the drug, and when I finally did pick it up at CVS, the description was non-existent. On the tear-off sheet that lists side effects, instructions etc. it says "This is a BEIGE, TRIANGULAR-shaped, TABLET imprinted with FL on the front and 5MG on the back."

I kid you not.

In addition to the research I did from the above links, I called my mom to see if she's heard of it (she's a nurse). I left her a voicemail, as I did for my sister, who is also a nurse. They must both be working right now. If they tell me anything earth-shattering about this drug, I'll be sure to post it! Guess I'll go ahead and start taking it tonight...I have a cold and a 100 degree fever, so maybe it'll knock me out. :o)